NutraCo Application Process / Computer Matching

DICAS Requirements

The NutraCo Dietetic Internship Program is using the online centralized internship application, DICAS, accessible at

DICAS will be available for the Spring 2022 Computer Match Process on November 29, 2021.

The DICAS application must be submitted by 11:59PM Central Time on February 15th.

Submit the required fee of $50 for the first application and $25 for each additional application. Contact customer support directly if you need accommodations or assistance at 617-612-2885 or

Include all required items in your application for DICAS :

  1. Why do you want to enter the dietetics profession?
  2. Discuss expreriences that have helped to prepare you for your career.
  3. What are your short-term and long-term goals?
  4. What are your strenghs and weaknesses or areas needing improvement?
  5. What other information do you consider important for the selection decision.

Official transcripts from all colleges / universities attended, whether a degree was obtained or not.

Three letters of recommendation, must include name/contact information for each person

Signed original Verification Statement or Declaration of Intent Statement from the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) Director.

Signed original Verification Statement or Declaration of Intent Statement from the Nutrition and Dietetics Didactic (DPD) Director

Supplemental Application Requirements

Please send all the below to by February 15th 11:59PM CT.

Cover Letter addressed to the Program Director that answers the following

Submission of Applicant Video ( for a closer look at how to submit this video click here )
Completed Preceptor Qualifications Form for all preceptors secured

$80 Application Fee payable to NutraCo Dietetic Internship. The Application Fee form can be found here.

$80 Application Fee payable to NutraCo Dietetic Internship (please reach out to to obtain form)

Application check list

D&D Digital Registration Requirements

Register for matching with D&D Digital at, pay the required fee of $55, and prioritize NutraCo Dietetic Internship (number 851) for matching before the deadline date of February 15th for Spring match at 11:59PM CT. See D&D Digital for more information. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact D&D Digital customer support directly at 515-292-0490 or

Second Round Instructions

If NutraCo Dietetic Internship has open spots following the first round match, interested applicants may apply to the second round starting at 11:00 AM CT on April 6, 2022.

Second round applicants must follow these instructions:

You must apply through DICAS to be considered and may use your prior DICAS application on file. Next, you must choose our program, NutraCo Dietetic Internship, attach three references, personal statement, DPD courses and grades, work and volunteer experience, supplemental documents, and pay applicable DICAS application fee.

Download our Supplemental Application Form/Checklist, which is available here For the second round application, it is not required to submit a biopic video.

It is highly recommended (but not required) to obtain at least one preceptor as described in our Admission Requirements and submit the completed Preceptor Qualifications Form.

Pay the non-refundable $80 application fee by ACH transfer or credit card. The Application Fee Form can be found here.

Once your application is received, the program may choose to conduct either a phone or video platform interview.

You will be notified of our decision to offer you a spot in our program either by phone or email, using the information you listed on your Supplemental Application form. You will not be notified if you were not offered a spot.

If you do not accept our offer immediately, your spot is not guaranteed.

Our DICAS portal will close when we have filled all of our available spots.

Contact the Program Director, Dawn Hershey, if you need additional information at


After the post-match, you are conditionally accepted into the NutraCo Dietetic Internship program. You will receive an email from the program with instructions on the next steps required to complete the acceptance process. Examples of these requirements include:

Complete the following with Adam Safeguard: Background check (verification of identity) – estimated cost of $31 plus additional court fees of $10-$65 depending on the state you live in and NJ Sales Tax; and Urine Drug Screening – $59 plus NJ Sales Tax. Click here to see the information sheet from Adam Safeguard for details.

Payment of half the program’s tuition is due on or before May 1st.

Submit an original Verification Statement or Declaration of Intent from the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) Director.

Submit final official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.

Submit proof of health insurance, malpractice insurance, copy of your student membership card with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and additional forms of identity (such as a close-up photo and driver's license).