Financial Requirements (Program Tuition & Estimated Fees)

Please Note: 2022-2023 NutraCo DI Tuition will be $11,750

50% due 5/1/2022: $5,8750

Balance due 7/15/2022

Pre-Match Fee:
$50 for 1st application; $25 for each additional application
D&D Digital fee
Application Fee to apply to NutraCo* Non-refundable
Post-Match Fee:

Payable to NutraCo Dietetic Internship:

Program Tuition Fee – full-time *

(tuition includes: Nutrition Care Manual subscription; Compliance Tracking System (for medical clearance through Adam Safeguard); ID badge; and lab coat)


Half payable on or before May 1 and Balance payable on or before July 15

Program Fee for extension beyond 10 months*
$350 per month (after the 10th month)
$500 per month (after the 12th month)
Payable to Individual Vendor:
Purchase of EatRightPrep RD exam preparation software
$74.99 (portion that intern is responsible for; NutraCo DI will cover remaining cost)
Subscription to EHR Go (web-based educational electronic health record system)
$105 for Academic Year subscription
Health Insurance - student’s responsibility
Mandatory Professional Liability Insurance
$24 on average; varies by state
Physical exam, vaccines and immunization (for medical clearance)
Variable; depending on individual health requirements and health insurance
Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Student Membership
Academy Member groups, if desired
Back ground check (through Adam Safeguard)
$31 plus NJ sales tax & court fees, $10-$65 varies by state
Urine Drug Screen (through Adam Safeguard)
$59 plus NJ sales tax
Books, supplies, etc. (books from DPD are acceptable to use)
Variable, $50-$600
Travel Expenses and car insurance
Variable; depending on state and location of rotation site – estimates may range from $200-$4,000
Meals during supervised practice
Variable; $0-$10
Meetings / conferences
Variable; depending on attendance at state or regional conference – estimated $30-$80
Other RDN exam preparation optional
Various-$20-$385 (Jean Inman recommended $385)
Technology Expenses (such as laptop)
Variable; depending on what you currently have & what you need
Mobile phone / internet access
Variable; $50 or more
RDN Exam fee

* Please note all program tuition and fees are payable only by ACH bank transfer or Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit card.

Tuition Refund Policy : 75% reimbursement on or before 5/15/2022, 50% reimbursement between 5/16/2022 to 6/1/2022, 25%reimbursement between 6/2/2022 to 6/15/2022, and 0% reimbursement after 6/15/2022.

NutraCo Dietetic Internship does not offer financial aid. Students who need assistance in covering the costs of the dietetic internship are encouraged to apply to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Scholarships. It is worthwhile to check out local and state dietetic associations to see if they offer scholarships also. You may consider applying for a student loan, either federal or private student loans or even a personal loan. If you already have a student loan, you may be eligible to defer payment while enrolled in a dietetic internship program, but you will need to confirm if this is possible with the institution you have the loan with.

Upon request, NutraCo Dietetic Internship will provide a letter once you have been accepted into our program and have paid the tuition for possible deferment of your current loan.

A revised Financial Requirements breakdown can be requested by contacting

NutraCo Dietetic Internship provides an equal opportunity to all applicants (U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident) for admission to our program.